On December we got good news about  first success
on FiFe Shows kittens from our cattery

In Germany  PL* Almira Kassara got:  Ex 1, BIV and  Nom BIS

In Luxemburgu PL* Almira K' Pax  got:  Ex 1 and  Nom BIS

Big congratulations and thank you!


14th November -  Second  birthday of  Jesabelle !
Happy  birthday  our  beloved  sunshine  :-)


22 October: The last photos of our kittens

Our babies grown up and it's time to say good- bye :(
We wish them and they new owners many happy years together !


20- 21 September  we  visited  FIFe  show  in  Bydgoszcz *PL 

On  Saturday  our dear boy  Mister
  got:  CAGCIB and  BIV
On Sunday he got: CAGCIB, BIV and  Nom BIS


6- 7 September  we  spent  a  nice  time on
FIFe  show  in  Wroclaw*PL 
where  visited 113 Maine Coon Cats

On  Saturday  our  boy  Mister
  got:  CAGCIB, BIV and Nom BIS
On Sunday he got: CAGCIB, BIV and  he was
Nominated to Special  Maine Coon Show


Thank you our breeder friends for great time ! ;)


New  photos of our 8 weeks old  babies - please come in ... :)

05th of July 2008

Our Cat  family is  bigger  by 5  lovely babies :)
Visit our ,,BABIES"  site and  feel  free to contact  us

26- 27 April  we  spent very nice time on FIFe  border show  in Bohumin*CZ  and  Zilina*SK 

 Our  Jessi  got: CAGCIB,  BIV,  Nom BIS  and  EX 2 
Mister  got 2 x  CACIB  and  BIV

After this show Mister  became  International  Champion :)


5- 6 April  we  was on FIFe  show  in  Chorzow*PL 
where  was  more  than 100 Maine Coon Cats

First day our  sweet  boy  Starmaker's Mandolin Rain
  got: CAC and Nom BIS. After this show he became Champion :)

Second day he got: CACIB  and  BIV


Thank you our breeder friends for great time ! ;)


03 .04. 2008  - First birthday of our  dream boy :)
Happy  birthday dear Mister !


08- 09 march   SUPER   WEEKEND 
on FIFe Show in Opole, PL

Starmaker's Mandolin Rain  got: CAC &  BIV  
and he was one of  three  Best Adult Males
Nominated to Special  Maine Coon Show

Jesabelle My Axis Star  got: 2 x  CAGCIB ,  BIV  Total  &  Nom BIS.  She was one of  three  Best Adult Females Nominated to Special  Maine Coon Show  and  she  WON :) Jesabelle  became 
on Special  Maine Coon Show

We are soooo happy and Congratulations to another Winners :)


10 .02.2008  - 9th birthday of our sweetheart Arina !
Happy  birthday :-)



Our  beloved  ,,Mister "  finished 10 months :)


12- 13 January we started  new show season with our breeder friends on FIFe  Show in Kalisz, PL

Our boy Starmaker's Mandolin Rain gave us very big  joy :)
He got 2 x  Ex 1, 2 x  BIV Total  and  on saturday Nom BIS,
BEST  IN  SHOW  KITTEN 6 - 10 months


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